Beauty is in the eye of the money holder

I recently did some illustrations for a new client who wanted their old book given a new look. The brief was simple, take the old images and redraw them in my style. This all seemed quite simple, especially as they liked my style and chose this style to be the new look for their beloved characters. What could go wrong….

After redrawing the characters and starting several of the illustrations I was informed the client hated the new look and wanted it to look like the original drawings. To quote:  ‘she is saying she doesn’t like the characters because they don’t look like hers.  She wants them to look exactly like hers do‘.

At this point I did feel like pointing out, if the characters must stay the same, that it would be easier to stay with what was on the page already. Anyway manners stopped me, so I politely bowed out and pointed out that it may be better to find someone who could match her style, rather than picking my work which was radically different. A small fee was agreed, which wouldn’t fully cover my wasted time but would at least ease the pain. As of this moment in time I am still waiting and to be truthful I’m not holding my breath.

Anyway check out the images and see which you would rather have. (Before I get any cheeky comments, mine are the brightly coloured ones).apple_origianl Printspin spin2


One thought on “Beauty is in the eye of the money holder

  1. This client clearly was not sure what she wanted, but looking at her original work, I would prefer this illustrators ideas, and believe it would probably boost the sales of her book.

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